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Hey y'all, my name is Ryan Kent. I'm 36 years old and I live in Castle Rock, Colorado with my wife (Sarah) our son (Basin) and our two dogs (Redd & Bennett).  

I've been an athlete my entire life & was fortunate to call it my profession when I found Spartan Race in 2014. It was an awesome 5 years on the Spartan Pro Team, but my focus quickly changed in 2019 with the introduction of hybrid racing. A European organization called Hyrox put on its first US event in Miami, FL. Soon after, DEKA was brought to life by the founders of Spartan. A new sport where strength & endurance were equal components really excited me because that's how I've always enjoyed training. At the time I was feeling quite burnt out on OCR and I was ready for a new challenge.  Shifting my focus to the hybrid space was an easy decision and one that ultimately rejuvenated my fitness & my love for competition.  


2022 Hyrox North American Champion

3x DEKAFIT Elite Champion

Personal bests: 

DEKA Strong 11:54

DEKA Mile 17:48

DEKA Fit 28:38

Hyrox 57:45

Why Coaching?

Personal goals mean a lot to me, but there's something special about being a part of someone else's journey. I've wanted to launch a hybrid coaching platform for a while, and I'm super stoked we finally made it happen. It's taken years of studying what works and what doesn't, but all those lessons learned assisted in developing a systematic formula for hybrid training. I'm super excited to work with anyone willing & ready to commit. Invest in your training and let see what we can accomplish together. Train More Hybrid is for beginners to advanced.

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